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Wendy Legerton

eXp Realty of California Inc.

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About Wendy Legerton

I am an extremely dedicated Realtor® focusing on integrity as a cornerstone of my business. I have the opportunity to work with incredibly knowledgeable professionals across California & serveral other states.

Since 2000 I have consistently and systematically served those in their real estate transactions. I am a retired Aerospace Defense contractor where I learned my strong ethics serving my Air Force clients with over 23 years in the missile defense and rocket launch business.

I intelligently and persistently ask profound and insightful questions enableing me to advise you with a consistent game plan for buying/selling and strategically and powerfully negotiate for you, treating your money as if it were my own. I oversee the details of the transaction a timely and effective manner.

• I believe everyone ought to be treated honestly and fairly.
• I believe that you, the client, deserve to be treated with the utmost respect during and after the transaction.
• I believe that, as my client, your needs far exceed mine.
• I believe that by listening to what’s important to you, and then crafting a plan to accomplish those goals, you will receive the best service possible.

My commitment to you:
R esearch your needs
E xplain the process clearly and thoroughly
S erve the customer with a world-class experience
U nderstand how the customer is always feeling
L ine up the movers
T ake the time to listen to any last-minute questions you may have
S et up a stress-free closing/celebration

Here’s what other people are saying that makes me different:
• Wendy is different because she loves what she does.
• Wendy is different because she is a great listener.
• Wendy is different because she is always positive and full of energy.
• Wendy is different because her service continues after the closing.
• Wendy is different because she makes the buying/selling process stress free

As your REALTOR® and CONSULTANT I will ask you profound and insightful questions. Questions that the typical agent may not ever take the risk asking you. I will probe, inquire and discover what is really important to you. I will lead you thru the process of clarifying your values because when your values are clear your decisions are easy. Consulting is also listening diligently to your answers. Only after I have confirmed what I have heard will I craft a specific strategic process to make sure you get the world-class service you deserve. I will appropriately deifne the problems and differentiate essential objectives from less relevant concerns. I will anticipate likely obstacles to achieving objectives and identify sensible means to circumvent them.
As your NEGOTIATOR I treat your money like its mine. When it is time to save, or make you money, I am like a bear. Because money is such an emotional issue, to represent your own is like performing surgery on yourself. You would never do that; you would delegate it to a professional or specialist. It’s always in your best interest to have a skilled, experienced and focused negotiator on your team. You want a person who deals with your money and critically examines the accuracy of all the underlying assumptions that are being relied on. My negotiating skills are worth every penny you pay me.
I am THE PERSON WHO OVERSEES ALL OF THE DETAILS; every transaction has over 100 phone calls alone. Each one of them loaded with critical details. Every ‘i’ must be dotted; every ‘t’ must be crossed. The legal implications for making a mistake are far too costly. There are 10 different people from 10 different industries that get involved in the 7 stages of your transaction. I recognize what is known about an issue, what more needs to be known, and how to best obtain the accurate and relevant information needed. One of my greatest skills is seeing things from multiple perspectives so I can identify the likely intended circumstances of your decision.




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